Work With Me

Compassionate Coaching uses Self-Compassion as a practice of intention. Self-Compassion is not a feeling. It is a mindful practice of bringing acceptance towards oneself. It is not a practice to ignore feelings or make them go away. It is a practice that gives recognition to our shared human experience, an experience that comes with imperfections. These imperfections are treated with kindness giving ourselves the safety, time, and kindness we need to bare the pain as we transform and grow into wholeness.

Compassion Chat

Are you curious about how client-led trauma recovery coaching works, but you normally don’t reach out for help? That’s ok. Book a compassion chat and we can discuss your journey, share resources, and see if we are a good fit to work together. Valid for one time only. Not a coaching session.

Send Me a Note

Trauma impacts everything we do and can cause us to feel overwhelmed. It is not your fault. It never was. Sometimes we just aren’t ready to talk however we may be interested in more information. Send me an email and we can figure out a way to connect that feels safe to you. I’ll also send you some free resources.

Book an Appointment

You are resilient and on your way towards wholeness. However, you are stressed, overwhelmed, and just need a safe place to lay your exhaustion down. I know you are tired, but I’m so happy you are here. I know you have been on a journey toward healing and from this point forward, I’d like to travel with you.

Six Session Package

Did you know that your body stores the stress your mind suppresses? Save $100 when you book 6 sessions and learn ways to release what is stored. We will discuss topics like the types of trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and toxic shame. Learn how fierce self-compassion can heal and help you repair damage from anxiety, stress, and cptsd.

Twelve Session Package

Gift yourself or someone you care about a 12 session package and save over 20%. Use the package for weekly or biweekly sessions within six months of the first completed session. We will take a deeper dive into the 6 package topics plus learn how to best resource yourself based on identifying your parts, Polyvagal theory and the set up of a fierce self-compassion plan.

Belief Boost

Do you know what trauma is and how it impacts your life? Ever know what you need to do but need a bit of belief and courage? You have the power within you to achieve that job promotion, to have that safe relationship, and to chase your dreams. In the words of Ted Lasso, “I believe in hope. I believe in belief.” and after this session, you will too!