“When you can love all your parts, you can love all people.”

Dr. Richard Schwartz – founder of IFS and author of “No Bad Parts”

Featured Feedback

I started to see Achara due to the death of my mother as well as uncovering other family traumas. For these last 14 weeks I have seen such a transformation in myself and how I handle my relationships with others. She helped me discover the tools needed to understand my trauma, name it, and grow past it. The generational trauma in my family stops with me!


I remembered the work we have done. Especially the part where I wanted my partner to be able to feel safe around me. I was able to speak directly about my experience and feelings without trying to inflame the situation and pull a large response. It went over so well, that I was like “Wait, that’s it?” I’m glad we were able to address the issue quickly without it turning into an ordeal.


I am now enjoying the inner tingly feelings as I feel self love, the unconditional love that I don’t recall ever feeling before. I am allowing this new sensation to sit and am getting used to feeling this love. I believe that I’ve walked through another door to more fantastic opportunities.


What is Trauma Informed Care?