Group Coaching

HOPE & HEAL – Trauma Recovery Group Coaching

Have you ever felt that no one would understand you if they knew what went on in your head? Are you like me and find different parts of yourself talking to each other to help you parent your children or say the “right” thing at work or in social circles?

Would knowing a group of women that share your same story give you a sense of comfort that you are not going through life alone? Maybe the difficulty is singleness, maybe it is communication in relationship with your partner, or just simply knowing how to talk to people without feeling like any moment your spaceship will arrive to take you away to be on the planet you were really meant to live on. It is likely true that you could use some hope and some healing.

Hope & Heal is a 6-week trauma recovery program for women. Each week I will help you to understand how trauma impacts every part of you; mind, body, and soul. You will create your own recovery toolkit full of self-compassion skills that are both tender & fierce. Through understanding your own story and using song, you will walk the bridge that takes you from surviving to thriving!

Group coaching has many advantages. The added benefit of healing in community, cost is greatly reduced, and space is limited to 5-6 women to give everyone an opportunity to see and be seen, to hear and be heard.

Cheers to you for reading this far. I’m excited for you to make the decision to join me and others in hope & healing!

Compassion Chat

Are you curious about how client-led trauma recovery coaching works, but you normally don’t reach out for help? That’s ok. Book a compassion chat and we can discuss what barriers are blocking you from achieving your goals, share resources, and see if we are a good fit to work together. How can I help you?

Send Me a Note

Trauma impacts everything we do and can cause us to feel overwhelmed. It is not your fault. It never was. Sometimes we just aren’t ready to talk however we may be interested in more information. Send me an email and we can figure out a way to connect that feels safe to you. I’ll also send you some free resources.

Hope & Heal

You are resilient, on your way towards wholeness. However, you are stressed, overwhelmed, and need a safe place to lay your exhaustion down. I know you are tired. I’m so happy you are here. I know you have been on a journey toward healing and from this point forward, myself and others would like to travel with you.