Create Safety In Your Environments with Trauma Responsive Care

Did you know learning more about trauma and its impact on people helps better the relationships at home and work?  Do you at times avoid certain clients, social situations, or even your own family members? Studies have shown that the practice of attunement, your awareness and ability to connect with others, fosters safety, trust and compassion for Self and others.  

Most people understand trauma in the acute and environmental sense. Trauma is also interpersonal, occurring in the context of relationships. The aftereffects of interpersonal trauma can not only affect relationships, but also our emotional, biological, neurological, and psychological well being. 

There’s a subset of the course for you that creates a safe space using certified coaching methods and proven science to make you aware of things that you know, or perhaps have never known. This awareness can dramatically change your relationship with your past and inspire you to create a positive future. It helps you rewire the story of your past, modify your present thinking and create future behaviors to invigorate and inspire your life bringing more peace and harmony. 

If this resonates with you, why not consider the CTS Course as a means to better support yourself and those around you?

In This Course You’ll Learn How To:

  • Remain centered, grounded and anchored in your work, family, and within Self.
  • Understand the role that shame plays in your life and those around you. 
  • Understand the repair a relationship after a rupture.

We believe that

All parts are welcome. 

There are no bad parts. 

All parts are created to protect and support us in service of survival. 

When parts are understood, harmony is restored, Self energy emerges.

Achara Tarfa, Founder of ATCCC

This premiere course is led by Achara Tarfa, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and IFS Level 1 Practitioner. For over 20 years Achara has trained groups of people seeking to better their understanding of themselves in relationship to others. Achara has instructed hundreds of Certified Trauma Recovery Coaches through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches. Indulge yourself in the CTS course and capture the many benefits offered. Why not enroll today?

Course Begins: Thursdays at 10am EST starting July 27th 2023

Course Duration: 10 Weeks with an optional 11th Week for Study Session

Course Cost: $2200 USD Payment plans available

You will find the nature of this course to be a non judgmental, safe space to explore with compassion and curiosity the aftereffects of trauma. 

Achara Tarfa BS, CTRC-S, IFS L1